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What can you do to beat the recession? Can you protect your assets and your business? Is there a fast and low cost way to plan the sale of your property? You always have a choice - make sure you make the right one! Ring us and we will provide you updates on the most recent changes to regulation and to markets.

Rules for landlords to follow and to protect tenants regarding deposits details

Combatting Money Laundering
New and detailed amended rules to combat money laundering are in force As a result professional advisers must ask more questions and in some cases require more information and documentation from clients before they can accept instructions to act or advise. We will need to ask for more information in connection with acting for companies, partnerships, trusts, other bodies of people (such as clubs) and anyone who is acting as agent for another person. We may also need to go through the identification and verification procedures for shareholders, directors, managers, partners, trustees, beneficiaries, club members, anyone acting under a power of attorney, a receiver, administrator or insolvency practitioner or anyone appointed as an agent or broker of any kind. In addition, the exemption under the old rules for existing clients from the procedures for identification and verification has been removed. As a matter of policy we operate the new rules in relation to all clients and all matters. All we ask is that you attend at our offices with - your passport or picture driving licence - an original council tax, gas or electricity bill addressed to you and dated within the last three months For Data Protection Act purposes, we must also advise you that we are required to retain this information for at least five years.

The new government has kept one of its manifesto promises by suspending the HIPs legislation with immediate effect. EPC’s remain though under EU law but they are changing too: The EPC has to be commissioned before the start of marketing Commissioning means the Inspector has been asked to prepare the EPC and it has either been paid for or payment has been promised The person acting for the seller on the sale must be satisfied commissioning has taken place The seller and seller’s agent must make reasonable efforts to get the EPC within 28 days Penalties will be imposed for breaching these relaxed requirements The EPC will have a life of 10 years, not 3 years as at present or 3 months as originally envisaged. This brings it in line with EPC’s for rented property. Let marketing begin

Did you see the Panorama programme on BBC 1 on 9th August? If you do not have a Will you need to know what to look out for so why not pop in for a chat. Link to the programme at or

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