General Fee Rates and Commercial Costs


      Each type of work requires a combination of different knowledge, skills and experience;  our services are designed to meet your requirements.  We offer a choice of engagements based on the type and amount of work and time involved and this can be a fixed price model for standard repeat work, or pay-as-you-go, or customised invoicing for each matter.

      Charging rates are graded according to the type of work and resources involved and allocated into four bands of hourly charge, the highest band being for the most complex or high value work.

      A fixed price for a basic standard for a transaction will assume no complicating factors and completion within a typical time frame, without any change of terms or instructions or third-party delays.  Fixed prices do not allow for other unexpected matters arising that are not included in the price. Where these occur additional charges arise to which your agreement will be requested.

      In most cases where charges are not fixed we will tailor our fees to the transaction, your budget and requirements.  For certain types of work such as conveyancing and probate, from our experience of recent cases we can give an indication of the likely level of charges.  Normally we will for individuals with  non recurring work or where we are not on a general retainer,  give an estimate of the fees and expenses within the range that is typical for the type of matter concerned.

      In some cases we can offer a scheme to insure up to two failed transactions and changes of terms.  Pay-as-you-go and discounted rates are by arrangement and these will vary according to forward commitments and capacity.  Discounts or specially negotiated rates for the work may be offered for planned projects and pre-booking time in advance.

      Standard Rates

      Where charges are charged at an hourly rate then our banding reflects to the level of seniority, skill and expertise required and can reflect value, complexity of the work involved or the risk and importance of the matter.  For most cases a blend of rates will apply as not all the work will require the highest rate applicable for the skills of the most experienced professional person.

      Grade A             £325-450          Senior Solicitor or qualified expert over ten year’s experience

      Grade B             £265 -300         Solicitor more than 5 years qualified

      Grade C             £150-250          Solicitor under 5 years qualified /Senior executive assistant

      Grade D             £110 -135         Executive support or trainee

      Rates will be recalculated at least once each year. VAT is added for all UK matters.

      For details of third party charges and fees and disbursements please rely on case specific estimates and guidance for certain types of work given elsewhere on this web site for Conveyancing and Probate.